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The World's Fastest Driven Bitcoin Movement

Our Vision

To establish the world's largest and most influential Bitcoin mining network, incentivizing enthusiasts, investors, and network leaders to participate. By showcasing a contemporary incentive system, we aim to bring Bitcoin to everyone and foster the widespread adoption of Bitcoin as an efficient revolutionary currency.

Our Mission

To bolster the advancement and security of the world's pioneering public blockchain, Bitcoin.
We prioritize expediting its expansion and fortifying its foundational framework. By staying true to its fundamentals, original vision and rapidly contributing to its maturity and growth, we are determined to reinforce its trajectory and fulfil its intended purpose with our community.

Our Solution

Accessibility to BTC mining made easy and decentralized through a structured Web3 solution built on blockchain.
The Mining Race is a multi-layer organization offering a simple and unique opportunity for people to get rewarded for mining BTC in our community.