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Race to the Top in Mining Race

Cryptocurrencies are all about the community. And what better way to fully embrace the BTC community than a community-based mining program?

By participating in the Mining Race, you will not only contribute to the support of the Bitcoin blockchain but also earn more rewards for being a part of the Mining Race community!

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What is Mining Race?

Race and Get Rewarded

Join the Mining Race for Exciting Incentives!
All community participants, aka Racers, are guaranteed an additional incentive, ensuring a total revenue that surpasses the rewards of going solo or mining individually. Secure your Spot on the Mining Grid today and reserve your place in this thrilling Challenge.
The Mining Race is capped at a total of 1 million users.
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How to Become a Racer?

Compete in the World’s 1st Community Mining Race

Secure your Spot in the Mining Race and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Achieve PoHP to enhance the Community’s computational power.

Mining Grid ensures fair rewards while maintaining community collaboration.

Get access to the Mining Racing Dashboard to check your status in the Race.

Race to Zero Carbon

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Mining

We understand the environmental concerns regarding mining. This is why we plan on supporting the implementation and usage of green energy for mining.

As part of the Race to Zero Carbon, it is our initiative to actively contribute to the research and development of mining farms powered solely by renewable energy.
If you wish to help us support this cause as a Racer, head on to the Race to Zero Carbon website to learn how.

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