How Mining Race Works?

Revolutionary Mining Collaboration and Fair Rewards

What is the Mining Grid?

The Network of Miners in Mining Race
Mining Grid Representation

Discover the Mining Grid - a network of connected Spots that assigns Racers specific positions within the grid.
With this innovative grid system, Mining Race ensures equal opportunities for all racers to contribute and receive their fair share of rewards.
Experience a new era of transparency, fairness, and inclusivity within our mining ecosystem.

Get a Spot in the Mining Grid

Your Digital Position in Community Mining.
Mining Grid Representation

Your Spot in the Mining Grid is your Digital Position within the Mining Race community.
It grants you the ability to invite others and participate fully in our ecosystem.
Accessible through our user-friendly mobile application, a Spot must be puchased and renewed.
Reserve your spot today and unlock the potential for collaborative mining and rewards.

Proof of Hash Power (PoHP)

Achieve Optimal Spot Status

At Mining Race, we employ a validation mechanism called Proof of Hash Power (PoHP) to maintain an optimal hash power within the Mining Grid.
To achieve the required PoHP, all racers must connect a mining device with a minimum hash power of 100 TH/s or 4.32 EH per 30 days to their designated Spots.
This ensures the stability and integrity of our mining ecosystem.
Spot status is categorized as Green, Yellow, or Red based on the Spot subscription and hash power of the mining device connected to the Spot.

Spot Subscription Hash Power for the past 30 days PoHP Spot Status MR Reward
Subscribed > 4.32 EH Achieved Green Active - Can be withdrawn
Subscribed < 4.32 EH Not achieved Yellow Active - Cannot be withdrawn
Expired for 30+ days < 4.32 EH Not achieved Red Active - Cannot be withdrawn

Racers’ Earnings

Maximize Your Earnings with Mining Race Incentives

Being a part of the Mining Race Community grants you access to Community-based Incentives on top of generating income from the miner dedicated to your Spot.
This provides extra motivation for active participation and contribution to the success of the Mining Race community.

Miner Earnings Rewards earned based on the mining capacity of your device.

Incentive Earnings Rewards generated through the network of Runners below you.

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