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Welcome to Mining Race, the ultimate destination for miners of all levels.
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we invite you to join the Race and unlock a world of opportunities.
The Race stands for ‘Redistributed Assets Coordination Ecosystem’ and is the world’s first community-based mining program. Our program offers numerous advantages over traditional direct mining, empowering you to maximize your earnings and be part of a vibrant community.

Experience the power of community mining with Mining Race's revolutionary network called Mining Grid.

By connecting miners from around the world, we create a global network that drives collective success. Each participant, aka Racer is assigned a position, known as a Spot, in the Mining Grid.

Through a pre-programmed and transparent structure, mining rewards are redistributed, ensuring fair and equitable distribution.

This approach fosters a strong and interconnected mining community, where everyone has the chance to earn extra income and enjoy the benefits of collaboration.

Benefits of Mining Race

Maximize Returns through the Power of Community Mining

Vibrant network providing additional mining power.

Collective earnings through the power of community.

Higher earnings potential as the community expands.

Part of a community that supports sustainable mining.

Shared pool of mining rewards that benefit everyone.

Extra Rewards for being a top Racer.

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At Mining Race, we believe in the power of Community.
By pooling resources and leveraging the collective strength of our community, Racers have the potential to earn higher returns compared to mining alone.

Our approach levels the playing field, benefiting both early adopters and late joiners.